Harald Seiz | Thoughts on gold and cryptocurrencies

The exodus from the conventional financial market can no longer be stopped and there will be even more interest in the future. For some years now, more and more people have been investing their money in cryptocurrencies and investment gold. Harald Seiz knows about the distrust of the population when the topic of banking and today’s financial economy comes up. Too much has happened in the recent past, which has increased the population’s concern and facilitated their departure from the regular state monetary system. Harald Seiz sees both options as the financial market of the future and knows that flexibility in transactions and liquidity in times of crisis will form the primary foundation.

Harald Seiz

A visionary reports on the upheaval of society

Initially ridiculed and doubted, Harald Seiz followed his path rigorously and remained true to his intentions. Harald Seiz has been observing the financial market for many years and therefore recognizes the smallest details that indicate a change and are nothing more than a mere repetition of history. According to Harald Seiz, our current monetary system will also become outdated, so that new solutions will inevitably emerge. On the one hand, he sees this in the digitalization of the financial sector, which is possible in cryptocurrencies independently of banks and across borders. The second important point is the safe haven, which taking the past into account, only gold is able to offer. Due to the large denominations of investment gold, this safe haven is unfortunately not available to everyone and another problem is based on the fact that investment gold cannot really be used as a means of payment. Karatbars under the management of CEO Harald Seiz has realized new ideas and used gold in such small denominations that it is a suitable forward-looking means of payment in the form of Cashgold or the GoldCard. In many countries, Harald Seiz is known for his products and the five books he has written about the financial market of the future and the alternatives to the conventional system.

War and crisis independent currency MUST be gold

Harald Seiz hits the mark when he talks about the influences on government debt currencies. Money that is not secured and whose value is but a promise cannot be a permanent solution. While national currencies fluctuate with every political decision or catastrophe, gold remains a stable crisis currency and has played an important role as a means of exchange and payment since ancient times. Harald Seiz also sees gold as the means of payment of the future and refers to what has been tried and tested in practice. In his books, Harald Seiz gives an authentic account of the current situation, goes into great depth and gives the reader insight into his line of thought. The fact that Harald Seiz has made it to such great success is not least the result of the conviction he has in his own ideas and visions. Furthermore, Harald Seiz also shows that success is not programmed into the genetic code, nor is it hereditary.

“The loss of confidence in banks and politics cannot be reversed,” says Harald Seiz. “For this very reason alone, the financial system will sooner or later be subject to extensive renewal.