Bitcoin investment: BTC ROI mostly positive since 2017 – analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a certain mainstream appeal since around mid-2017. Since then, Bitcoin’s market price has seen ups and downs, with at least a dozen dramatic days of appreciation or crash.


Altcoins threatened with depreciation

In retrospect, betting on BTC prices has brought about a daily upward movement in around 64% of the last two years. However, the exact amount of the winnings has remained unpredictable. Recent analyzes show how the days in the green and red areas have been distributed over the past two years.

Bitcoin showed clear periods when profits were practically guaranteed. Then there were bear markets that wiped out almost all previous gains. BTC has now entered a mixed phase in which there is no clear trend.

For Bitcoin, “Buy the dip” was an instrument to take advantage of temporary lows, although the strategy didn’t always work during the 2018 bear market. But compared to other coins, BTC wins were a much safer bet.

For comparison: XRP experienced a short, concentrated rally at the end of 2017, but since the beginning of 2018 the token has made losses on most days. Ethereum (ETH), too, has disintegrated without anything sustainable having happened in the past two years.

But there were worse. Touching ZCash (ZEC) on any day since its inception resulted in a financial catastrophe, as the coin was repeatedly broken.

It doesn’t help that ZEC started trading at unrealistic prices pumped over $ 5,000 and has been dumped ever since. The other assets have light and shadow, and some are anomalies.

ChainLink (LINK) has made a long string of gains since it started trading – but in the last quarter of 2019 the price dropped more often without making up for the losses. LINK attracted attention, but was also suspected that the price action could be a concerted pumping activity.
Bitcoin – the best investable fortune of the decade

Timing the market is almost impossible, but in retrospect, altcoin investments remain riskier, and sticking to the investments means a higher chance of getting into a deep downward spiral. On the other hand, buying bitcoin lows and holding for a few months has become a relatively successful strategy for BTC.

Bitcoin is also the most profitable asset of the decade, surpassing all other asset classes as its price has risen from nowhere.
BTC is currently trading at $ 7,366.10, and the last quarter has shown that the coin is still unpredictable as profit and loss cycles come faster. For the time being, the benchmark cryptocurrency has left the periods of major continuous appreciation, and bulls and bears often fight within a span of a few hundred dollars.