43 percent of Bitcoin fans are female

Women in the crypto investment sector

Only investors with $ 10,000 in investment capital were included in the survey. The minimum annual income of respondents was at least $ 50,000. The result of the study clearly shows that the field of digital currencies is not a male domain.

One of the key messages of the study is this statement: “With a view to investors aged 25 to 54, women and men share the same ideas about Bitcoin.” Grayscale continues in the report: “Women invest differently than men, but many Properties of Bitcoin appeal to both genders: women are generally less optimistic about investments and more risk averse. However, many of the properties of Bitcoin resonate with women and men. ”

Another conclusion of the study is that more education via virtual currencies could very likely also attract more female investors. Around 93 percent of the female investors surveyed would like more educational resources in order to be able to use Bitcoin better.

How meaningful is this study?

Building on the fact that the study surveyed only 1,100 well-earning US citizens with unknown gender breakdowns, the results are not particularly meaningful. At least not related to the general crypto market. This is clearly shown by the figures from Google Analytics. These numbers clearly show that around 90 percent of the crypto community is male.